Blackbird Interactive Project Lynx

Project Lynx – Deleted scene from

For we shot many hours of footage, but only a fraction of it made it into the final cut. In the form of Deleted Scenes, we want to show you interesting interview parts and B-roll that didn’t make it into the film.

In the case of Rob Cunningham’s part in the film, this involved a scene in which he talks about a game with the working title “Project Lynx”. When we visited Blackbird Interactive in 2017 they were in the middle of developing the game, in which you disassemble decommissioned spaceships as a space worker to recycle their valuable parts. In terms of subject matter, it fit perfectly into the film. But the announcement date of the game was pushed back too far and the scene didn’t fit into the overall composition of Rob’s part, so we cut it completely.

“Project Lynx” was announced in early 2020 as “Hardspace: Shipbreaker” and released in mid-June 2020 for Early Access. Now that you have a direct comparison, it’s particularly exciting to see what has become of the vision from three years ago.


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