Indie Arena Booth Gamescom 2018 at Gamescom 2018

Our space game documentary will be part of the Indie Arena Booth at the coming Gamescom. As a film, this is an absolute novum and we’re proud and feel honored about that! In the loung area at the headquarters you can watch a few scenes of the film and meet us personally.

If we’re not there the reason may be that we’re shooting the mini-documentary about this years Indie Arena Booth. Come around and take a look at the numerous Indie games. You can find us in hall 10.1, Stand A-20. More infos about the Indie Arena Booth HERE.


It is done!

At Gamescom in 2016 principle photography started for „“ and lasted until the end of 2017. During that time we met exciting and extremely sympathetic people, who supported our project and took us with them into the world of game development. The film portraits those people and their work – and for us as filmmakers (and gamers) it was an exciting experience on this journey.

Now, right before Gamescom 2018, we are proud to announce: we’re finished! The film is ready for its release and we’re happy to soon be able to show it to our protagonists, our supporters and, of course, to you!

Edius TimelineTimeline

Picture Lock!

The work contentwise on our space game documentary „“ is complete! Dominic is eagerly working on sound and colors, so that we can shine not only contentwise for the coming release. To make working on the computer more pleasant, this all happens during a never-ending heat-wave. Pictures of the “cold deepness of space” don’t really help at 33°C in the office. We just listen to the soundtrack of „Dune“ and continue working in swimming trunks.


The spice or rather the sweat must flow!
GameStar Doku So entsteht ein Heft

Special(s) for the 250th GameStar issue

For the occasion of the current milestone edition, GameStar commissioned us to produce a short documentary about the making of the print editions. Of course, filming took us to the office in Munich and to the printing company in Krakow. It’s an exciting view at the making of the magazine and a declaration of love to the “printed word”. The documentary can be found on the enclosed booklet DVD and on Gamestar Plus (to the video).

You will also find other clips produced by us for the festive occasion (in German):
Our favorite editions: “That was a big fight – and a successful issue” (to the video, also Gamestar Plus)
Our wishes for the anniversary: ​​”Stay different, dear GameStar” (to the video)
500 issues of GameStar: “Half-Life 3 will go on the cover then” (to the video)

GameStar Redaktion

Filming for an exceptional “GameStar Special”

Our current production for GameStar takes us to Poland. No … unfortunately it’s not a portrait about the makers of Witcher- / Cyberpunk 2077, CD Project; until then it’s still a long way. 😉

The film will be released as part of the 250th Gamestar issue and will be online at Gamestar-Plus from July 18th. Until then we cannot reveal much more. And don’t worry: we keep working hard on More info about the release will follow soon.